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Eureka La maison Creole
Magicsun Mauritius Ltd Behind 'La Maison Créole', colonial house converted into a museum and the picturesque green surroundings, Eureka is
comprised of a dynamic and dedicated team who provides first class experiences for you.
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magicsun mauritius ltd
Le jardin de Pamplemousse
Magicsun Mauritius Ltd he Botanic Garden, formally known as Sir Seewoosagur Botanic Garden, is one of the most visited attractions in
Mauritius. One of the main attractions of the botanical garden is the 85 different varieties of palm trees brought
from different corners of the world. Other indigenous species of plants are also exhibited here.
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magicsun mauritius ltd
MagicSun Mauritius Ltd Located in the south west of the island, this small village is very well known for its amazingly coloured dunes.
Varying from brown to red, from ochre to pink and purple, these polychrome dunes are the results of a rare
geological phenomenon.
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What would this paradise be like without the lush green of the trees? Without the amazing colours of its flowers? Without its bizarre mountain formations and woody landscapes?.

Green tourism is rapidly growing through the number of reserves and ‘domaines’ that are beginning to open up to tourists as well. Together, they offer many activities ranging from trekking to canyoning to horse-riding, plus exceptional panoramic viewpoints over the beautiful Mauritian landscape.

Mauritius is not simply about sun, sea and sand. There is a whole other dimension to experience on the island, in the midst of its lush vegetation. Those who love nature will find much to love here.!


The flora of Mauritius is composed of 700 species of indigenous plants. Vividly coloured flowers decorate the island. With over 60 different orchid species alone, Mauritius is the second largest supplier of plants and cut flowers after the Netherlands .

Many of these plants are threatened with extinction. This is because there is less than 2% of their natural habitats left, and because introduced plants and animals compete and destroy their fruits and seedlings. In collaboration with the National Parks, the Conservation and Forestry Services, the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation is working to protect these species and the forest for future generations..

Trochetia Boutoniana (Boucle d'Oreille)

• Became the National Flower on the 12th of March 1992, when Mauritius gained the status of Republic.
• Is named after the famous French botanist, Louis Bouton.
• It is endemic to Mauritius and is found in only one locality in the wild.
• Is a magnificent shrub reaching about two or three metres in height, with reddish-orange flowers.
• Adapting well to dry conditions, the plant usually flowers from June to October.

Red Anthurium
The exotic red Anthurium plants are trademarks of the island and are often taken back as gifts by visitors to Mauritius.

Tropical Fruits
Fruits are grown for both export and for local consumption.
Expect mangoes, pineapples, papaya and bananas to regularly appear at the dining table.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (SSR) Botanical Garden

The garden is known throughout the botanical world for its large collection of indigenous and exotic plants, including its giant Victoria Amazonica water lilies and many species of palm trees. The 60 acre garden boasts 500 different species of plants, of which 80 are palms. Of particular interest is the Talipot Palm, which dies after a single flowering.


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